Browns Pie Shop

Browns Pie Shop

Browns pie shop is a restaurant situated on Steep Hill in Lincoln. It is in the heart of the historic cathedral city of Lincoln. We spoke to Danny the owner of Browns Pies Shop about why he needed security solutions, how we helped him solve them and about our service.

Danny wanted to get CCTV and an alarm system for deterrence and general tightening up of the premises, while this is a very normal answer, Danny had another creative reason for his use of CCTV in his restaurant. He has a camera overlooking the the floor of the dining space with a monitor in the kitchen so that the kitchen staff can know when to start cooking the next course to create a real professional and timely meal service. It has helped the front of house staff and the chefs all work in line together well.

When Danny was seeking out security systems, he checked out every security supplier/installer in the area and got quotes from them all. However when Guy and Rob went and talked Danny through it, he said he had a really good feeling about the company and the level of expertise it had. He said while Global Vision was not the cheapest quote, the service before, during and after from the team at Global Vision was absolutely second to none.

Danny now says that the systems have improved his business no end. It puts him in a good piece of mind with the fact the security is good combined with the fact he knows if there is ever any issue with any of his systems then no issue is ever too big. Combined with the fact that his insurance has actually gone down because of the install causing the systems to pay for themselves with the more fluid system between the front of house staff and the kitchen staff.

IF YOU ARE SCARED OF GHOSTS, DO NOT CONTINUE READING! The building itself is said to be inhabited by one of Lincoln’s most popular ghosts, Humphrey. However there is something more sinister residing on the top floor of the building. When we asked Danny if we had seen any ghosts on the cameras since getting CCTV, he instantly replied “Yes”. On several occasions Danny and his staff have seen ghosts and they have even exported videos of chairs moving on their own.