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Managing transport and logistics operations, and ensuring profitability, requires a smart security and surveillance solution at the core of the business. Global Vision uses IP CCTV systems to ensure site security, provide conditional access and monitor vehicles onsite.

Our IP CCTV systems provide complete coverage of your premises, monitoring the integrity of your site and vehicles, inside and out. With high definition cameras, you can zoom in to any incidents to examine them more closely, and retrieve historical footage if past incidents or events require further investigation.

All of this can be controlled from a centrally located monitoring station, or wherever you may be, using laptops and mobile devices, 24/7. To defy potential intruders from gaining access under cover of night, we also provide thermal cameras to extend the coverage, and provide discrete but accurate intruder detection at low light levels.

Innovative access control systems, linked to your cameras, can allow automatic entry to specified vehicles which are identified using advanced automatic number plate recognition. Vehicles can be tracked when on site, recording movements along with entry and exit times. Traffic can also be monitored remotely from a central control room that keeps tabs on a number of sites, cutting down on security staffing costs.

The safety of lone workers and others operating in isolation is an important consideration in today’s workplace. An integrated solution will ensure your staff are safe on site, and you can use the same systems to monitor that all members of staff are complying with legislation and essential safety procedures.

The complexity of the modern office building means that you need a management solution that goes beyond a traditional CCTV system. That is why you need our expertise in IP systems integration, bringing together IP CCTV security and surveillance cameras, access control systems and intelligent building management.

We combine convenience and security in a single package that will make you wonder how you used anything else before. Information and data from all your security and surveillance devices can be brought together at a single point, enabling your security team or managers to effectively monitor and analyse all activity.

Safety with Security

Integrated surveillance and access control ensures that you have full control over who goes where in your offices; you can determine who has access to specific areas and exactly when, ensuring the safety of your staff, particularly if they are working alone or during quiet hours. The system also provides a centralised and robust way to monitor time keeping, and should an accident or crime happen, you can isolate areas and track all staff movements at the time.

Outside Spaces

Extend your surveillance system to monitor your grounds and public areas. Our systems will ensure that car parks are safe environments even for lone staff members and those who arrive or leave after dark. By incorporating an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system to monitor and record all vehicle movements on site, you can successfully and safely restrict access to unidentified vehicles.

If you are involved in the operation of a business in the hospitality sector; a hotel, conference centre or sports centre, you know all too well how competitive it can be. Global Vision has significant experience in the hospitality industry, and recognises the challenges faced, so we can offer you solutions that cover all aspects of your operation.

Our IP CCTV systems will provide full coverage of your premises, inside and out, ensuring actual and perceived security for your guests, your staff and your business. Footage from all cameras is available to be viewed centrally and remotely; ideal if you have a small security team, or do not live on site. Designated staff can also review historical footage from any of the cameras if specific events need closer examination.

Access is another important element. Our access control systems will ensure that staff and visitors can only enter areas designated for them, and secure external areas such as car parks without increasing the staff overhead. Intruder alarms provide that extra tier of security and protection, either visibly or silently advising you of any intrusion or incursion. You can also use your cameras to ensure that staff comply with safety legislation and avoid the risk of costly litigation from guests.

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Global Vision: Much more than security

No matter how large or small your retail operation, Global Vision are here to help you rise to today’s challenges. We enable you to maintain the stock security; ensuring theft incidents, whether from the sales floor, stockroom, warehouse or back office, can be properly identified, along with the culprits. Our HD IP CCTV systems provide comprehensive, detailed imagery of all critical areas of your store, with the ability to zoom into incidents and events, both live and recorded; store security has taken a huge leap forward.

Ensuring safety, identifying fraud

Health and safety: another crucial area in today’s retail management. You need to ensure compliance at all times, and that your staff and store comply with the latest retail and government legislation. You need to make sure any breaches are quickly addressed, and that any attempted fraud, whether down to staff or customers, and no matter how sophisticated in nature, can be identified and appropriate action taken. We can provide all the tools you need to identify any fraudulent transactions.

Analytics and insights

The successful operation of a retail business whether sole trader or international chain, needs data on customer behaviour and shop logistics. Using our unique analytics and insights we can provide data on:

  • Shopper time and activity in store
  • Queue length and abandonment
  • Staffing levels and activities
  • Stock rotation and replenishment
  • Footfall counts and customer profiling

Our systems will collectively enhance your store’s performance, increase ROI and give you significant commercial advantage.

Future-proof, scalable

We deliver the potential for real change. All our solutions are flexible, scalable and designed to adapt with tomorrow’s developments; we design solutions to meet your needs and your budget, for now and well into the future. Working with some of the biggest names in retailing, you have the assurance that our products and solutions are tested and used in real-world environments like yours.

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School and College Security

CCTV for Schools with optional 24 hour Monitoring, Access Control and Intruder Alarms

CCTV for schools is an increasing enquiry received at Global Vision, and when you consider that recent studies show that in the UK up to 20 schools a week suffer an arson attack, and violent assaults by pupils on school staff rose by almost third last year it’s hardly surprising. More and more education building managers and head masters are facing the dilemma of how they remain an open and welcoming centre for students, parents and the general public, whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment to study and work in.

Global Vision has a wealth of experience and within the education sector, offering educa¬tional establishments a High-Tec, future proof yet af¬fordable internal protection via a plethora of options and sensors as well as our specialised digital IP CCTV for schools solutions

A Global Vision system will enable you to

  • Monitor students’ behaviour and attendance
  • Protect the well-being of staff and students
  • Secure sensitive areas or valuable equipment
  • Deter pupils leaving school at unscheduled times
  • Deter arson and vandalism out of hours
  • Provide parents with peace of mind
  • Provide evidence for dealing with offenders
  • Ensure children can feel safe in their school
  • Free your budget for use on educational resources, rather than on repairs or replacements of vandalised or stolen equipment

We offer structured payment terms, including leasing, to suit your budgets

Food production and Manufacturing demand the highest level of security; both to protect your business interests and to ensure consumer confidence. It can take very little to dent a reputation built over generations. Today, more than ever, it’s important not only to ensure your production methods are secure but to be seen to do so. We work with major names in the food production industry to help them demonstrate the highest standards of production and security. We have the expertise to deliver security and surveillance systems, access control, cctv, alarm systems and video analytics designed to cover all aspects of your business.

Our HD, and Ultra HD IP CCTV systems not only provide full coverage of your external delivery areas and internal food preparation and production spaces, but can go further; safeguarding all aspects of the production process. Using intelligent detection systems they can define clear go and no go zones and perimeters for staff, delivering alerts if contravened, as well as detecting anyone who may not have authorisation to be on the site to help protect and avoid any type of food contamination, or on the unfortunate event where a surveillance only system was unable to prevent a contamination or health and safety non conformance, we will provide you with evidence and analytics to prove with no doubt – what had occurred.

You can view the footage from all your cameras in one central location via our remote system, and you can access both live and historical footage from your PC, Mac, or mobile phone or tablet device, day and night.

An intelligent, integrated security and surveillance system can also help you monitor and verify statutory compliance at critical stages of manufacture. Health and safety breaches can be identified and are then more easily addressed. Our access control systems will ensure that entry to particular areas is restricted to those who are authorised, and intelligent building systems ensure no power is wasted when areas are not in use.

All this data; from the cameras, access control systems and alarms is recorded, allowing you and your team to monitor and analyse all movements and operations in your plant, providing definitive evidence when and where required. Staff movements, vehicle movements and access is all unambiguously stored, providing a complete solution, specifically focused on your business.

Please get in touch if you are interested or of in need of any food production security services.

Integrated security and surveillance systems play an important role in ensuring the integrity and protection of utilities installations. Our systems cover all aspects of the safety and security of your site.

High definition external CCTV cameras provide coverage of the site and its environs and can immediately alert security staff to any potential incidents or suspicious behaviour. Thermal cameras can be used to augment the system, providing an enhanced detection range, discrimination of intruders attempting to camouflage themselves and provide detailed images in low light and night conditions.

External and internal cameras can be used to monitor staff and visitor movements and ensure full compliance with business practices, health and safety rules and other legislation. Any transgressions or accidents can be examined in detail both on live cameras and historically stored footage.

Our video systems also permit live and stored footage to be viewed remotely, from another site or a centralised control room, with obvious advantages in streamlining security operations. Footage can also be viewed on a secure connection by authorised staff on a laptop or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

We can also provide a wide range of alarm and access control equipment. This can all be linked together so that staff and contractors have easy access to all authorised areas and visitors can be controlled, whether staff are on site or based remotely. The access control system can feature biometric devices for the ultimate in personalised security solutions, and extend outside to monitor and control the movement of vehicles in and around the site.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of a wide range of IP CCTV Systems and related security products, working in a true spirit of partnership with both our customers and high profile manufacturers.

Our reputation as an authority in our sector makes us the first choice supplier of security installations for many diverse organisations and businesses regionally & nationally. Here is a selection of the case studies we have to offer.

Case Studies


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